Bunny Care Tips

1. We recommend all of our Bunny’s to always co-wash their hair extensions before installation, toning, and dying process.
2. When detangling hair, we recommend you to use an Extension Hair Brush for our Bunny extensions or a Classic Denman Brush for our Melanin Wave Hair while it is wet.
3. We encourage and enforce all our Dolls to know the proper way of combing and detangling hair with different textures.

  • Please start brushing from the bottom and work your way up to the weft of the extensions this will prevent excess amount of shedding and tangling than necessary.

4. In an unlikely scenario, if your Bunny extensions are losing volume, shine, and texture we recommend the “weave soup” method. This is a tip for all human hair extensions; you must use your favorite deep conditioner and let the hair soak in a warm water for 3 hours and then allow the hair to air dry to restore moisture.
5. We enforce all of our Bunny to use cold water while washing their extensions.
6. We highly recommend for all of our valued customers to not cut the weft, please encourage your stylist to use the fold- over sewing method to prevent excess amount of shedding.
7. We encourage all of our Dolls to sleep preferably with our Bunny Hair satin Bonnets
or a Satin scarf.
8. We recommend all of our valued customers to wash their extensions every two weeks to
prevent oil build up which often leads to tangling and shedding.

  • We really advise all of our customers to co- wash if the hair does not have an excessive amount of oil build-up.

Sealing your wefts is always optional; however, we do encourage all of our Bunny to seal their wefts before installs.
WARNING: You can NOT seal frontals/ closures/ bundles while the hair is installed.

Bunny Styling Tips

1. In a likely scenario, when you are dying or toning your Bunny  extensions please co-wash the extensions before proceeding with the process.
2. Always allow the hair to air dry.
3. Please understand on our behalf and yours that there is mutual understanding about your hair investment, it would be an unfortunate situation if you damage the hair by applying high heat or high bleaching products.
4. On all of our Natural Black Hair we encourage all of our valued customers to avoid using bleach developers higher than 40.
5. In a situation, where you want to achieve a vibrant color using bleach on our Natural Black Hair, please take your time to strip the hair to a blonde color. (For instance, start off with volume 30 peroxide than work your way up by using 40 or 50.
6. MAJOR KEY — To achieve vibrant colors, please purchase our Platinum Blonde Bundles from our BodGyal Collection to avoid extra work and severe damages to your hair.
7. Always make a licensed or experienced hair stylist assist you with dying and bleaching your Bunny extensions.
8. Keep in mind that all hair that are processed such as our famous 613 Platinum Blonde Hair and bleached/ colored natural black hair requires extra time and conditioning to prevent breakage and shedding.
9. Always use your favorite heat protectant serum or spray when you’re blow drying, flat ironing or curling your extensions.

  • Please be advised that we are not a sponsored hair company or partnered with any hair product companies.

10. For our 613 Platinum Blonde Extensions from our Bunny Collection we recommend all Dolls to keep the hair moisturized using your favorite serum; preferably GARNIER FRUCTIS Sleek & Shine Anti- Frizz Serum.
11. We enforce all of our customers to only use a penny size worth of oil in the palm of your hands, distributed evenly through your luscious extensions.
WARNING: It is in the 613 Platinum Blonde Hair Book to never bleach your extensions from our Bunny Collection. (NO Citation, but indeed it is true)!

Closuer/Frontal Tips

1. We advise all of our Bunny Hair to be gentle and cautious when washing and managing their closures and frontals.
2. Please avoid scratching and parting your closure in the same spot, this can cause bald spots and an abundant amount of shedding.
3. STYLING TIP – When you are bleaching the knots of your closure/ frontal make sure the bleach mix you have made is a thick base therefore it does not seep through the lace and bleach the actual hair instead of the knots.
4. Always make sure you tone the lace of your frontal/ closures.
5. STYLING TIP – Always apply a thick base of deep conditioner on the lace when you’re coloring the frontal/ closure to avoid dying the lace instead of the actual hair. This does not look Bunny Hair or like a real scalp.
6. We enforce all of our customers to NOT over bleach the knots on the lace which can lead to shedding and permanent bald spots.
7. We highly advise for all of our valued customers to avoid putting heat directly on the lace material this will result in permanent damage.
8. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. (Extensions, closures, frontals, etc.)