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STUSHGyal Hair was founded by Kay Francis in June 2017. Her main goal for her brand is to provide great luxury hair for young women that want to look fabulous and STUSH for an affordable price! She was once a young girl in high school who wanted to have different hairstyles and looks but most vendors and hair companies were highly overpriced. STUSHGyal Hair wants to make a change and break that cycle of women of all ages believing that you must spend numerous amounts of money on hair in order to look and feel beautiful. This is not only a hair company, most importantly we are a movement that enforces women of all ages to take pride in how we carry ourselves while providing luxury hair and personal care tips! Not to mention to pave the way for all of our Nubian Queens and STUSH Dolls. Always remember to be sweet and gentle but know how to be the boss woman you truly are! Keep your chin up, legs cross, and handle your business! Let the world know that you are here to make a statement and remember that nuh mon cyan clown yuh!

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Bunny Hair

My passion for hair grew in High School when I tried my first weave for my 16th Birthday, this is a memory that I will always be fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. The feeling I had when I got my first install was breathtaking; I loved theaquamarine-teal color and the voluminous curls; and that feeling of a fresh tight weave! Ever since then, I was infatuated with trying new colors, creating different looks in my vision then bringing them to life. Everyone fell in love with my looks, makeup, and most importantly my hairstyles. Everyone in my school and online always wanted to know where I purchased my hair from, who did my hair, and how did I achieve my colors. I always had the idea to enter the hair industry business but I always put it on the back burner. On my 18th Birthday, I wanted to be different and daring; I took a risk and I did a pink blunt cut bob; within seconds of posting pictures and videos the look was everywhere and hit over 1 million views! People from around the world, different states, and at my college encouraged me to finally start my hair business. I took the time to find myself and my true calling which is to be a Beauty Influencer and I embark on my hair journey now!


We can perform haircut of any difficulty and have various technic and additional tools.